The Cove Atlantis, aka Heaven on Earth

Just read (or partially read) the February 2007 Vanity Fair (thanks for the subscription, MK!).

The magazine is chock full of cameos about political figures and other worldly issues, and I should care about reading those parts, but I don’t. Actually, I’d rather do long division than read about potential presidential candidates for the next election—not that I’m apathetic—I vote, for the big elections and the small ones. But my mind is rarely swayed by political posturing and innuendo, as I am largely a straight-ticket voter…yada, yada, yada.

Anway, flipping through, I notice a little blurb about Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti, founder of the Vivre luxury lifestyle catalog—seems she’s opening a stunning hotel in the Bahamas that’s going to bring her catalog to life.

What it looks like she’s brining to life is heaven. God, when I die, can I please check into The Cove Atlantis? It looks gorgeous. Bright, shiny, invigorating, and surrounded by that beautiful clear blue Bahamian water. And an on-site Vivre store, Escape by Vivre? Lord, mix me up a pina colada, get me an Amex Centurion, and let me loose! Who wouldn’t love that kind of R-n-R? I might even get there before I die, if I’m lucky.

PS: For the fashionistas, some other great articles in this same VF issue:

  • “Demi Gloss”—about Demi Moore, her pre-Idaho life, and life currently as Mrs. Ashton Kutcher.
  • “A Model Mogul”—Tyra Banks is apparently quite flatulent (too much information!), and also the new Oprah for 19-to-30-year-olds.
  • “An Empire of Her Own”—Tory Burch’s rise from filthy stinking rich socialite to even filthier, stinkier, richer maven of her own clothing and accessories line.

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