D&G Stands for Dead & Gone

I’m heading into the mall yesterday (to pick up a gift…I swear that’s why I was even in the vicinity since I’m trying to nip my shopping obsession in the bud, or at least get a firm grip on it). Wearing black Dolce & Gabanna stilettos I’ve had for a few years. Naturally, I step in a crack, cause if there’s one crack within a 100-foot radius, I WILL step in the bloody thing.

Just outside Nordy’s door, I hear/feel a subtle little snap, and I think, hell no these Dolce & Gabanna heels did not break AGAIN! So I stop, twist round to inspect, and sure enough, my heel is snapped and is partially attached only by the plastic of the sole. Great. Same shoe, same heel snapped about five years ago or so on Thanksgiving day. D&G fixed it for me. Yes, that was nice. And I know I’ve had them for years, but I hardly wear them because they aren’t that comfortable. And they’re vexed, obviously. So I had to buy new black stilettos at Nordy’s while I was there just to get around without hobbling (shoes by Jessica Simpson…they look almost exactly like my D&Gs, but have padding in the footbed, and are a quarter of the price, imagine that?!).

What’s the point in this story? When shoes retail for $300 to $500 a pair, the heels should never snap. And they sure the hell should never snap twice! I don’t have a closet full of Manolos and Choos, but do have a few pairs of designer shoes. What baffles me is that my el cheapo Nine West and BCBGirls heels take the licking of hoofing it around downtown and keep on ticking. I’ve had to repair heels on my Dolce & Gabannas twice, on a pair of Weitzman boots once, and had to have the sole glued on a pair of Prada platforms as well. And mind you, I’m not overweight or putting extra weight on those heels. You’d think they could handle about a buck thirty with finesse.

My plight with these heels reminds me of a good friend who has a similar fashion conundrum. The buttons fall off all his Armani suits/shirts. When he buys new Armani, they all go to the tailor for button reinforcement before anything else. That is crazy! When you’re spending top dollar for designer duds, they should live up to your expectations. Which is why I’m not a total label snob. If it looks good, and holds up, I’ll wear it. Just because the label cost you a fortune doesn’t mean you got a better value or an investment piece. It really depends on the individual piece. So I have no problem wearing Old Navy or Gap with some Gucci or Prada.

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  1. Hey, I got mentioned on the World Wide Web… cool. For the record, it isn’t the Armani shirts that lose buttons, it’s the trousers and suits. And it’s happened on most of mine so it’s not a one time thing. I’ve cooled off a lot on brand names. My next suit (and probably rest) will be custom made. Better quality, perfect fit, better material, and cheaper. I learned my lesson on designer names with your Louis Vuitton ordeals. What crap. You should put me in your blog more often. At least you know somebody’s checking it.

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