I’m in love. Not that I’m looking for an all-in-one gadget (that’s why women have purses), but the newly unveiled Apple iPhone does appear to be the nirvana of telecommunication. Apple has supposedly put a whole lot of bells and whistles into one mercilessly sexy little package. I’ll be curious to see if their touch screen technology is all it is touted to be. I’m sure by the second or third generation of the iPhone, it will be.

Bad news is Cingular subscribers get first dibs when it is released over the summer, I think. Good news about that, I suppose, is while the rest of us non-Cingular subscribers wait (and wait, and wait) for our companies to strike a deal with Apple, the bugs will be getting worked out. By the time I can actually have one, it’ll probably be a good two versions later, sleeker, better, possibly even cheaper—and by that time everyone and their grandma will have one too.

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