Blogger Virgin

OK, I never thought in a million years that I would do this. Blog. Become one of those people who actually has the time to pontificate about their boyfriends, career blunders, shoes, shopping addictions, etc. But here I am. Buh-logging away.

So let’s start with this: Why blog? Why add more words to an almost intangible realm that is already flooded with a gazillion other pathetic schmoes confessing their innermost everythings to the world? Well, for one, it’s not likely I’ll have that dream fashion career since I am a bit geographically challenged at the moment, too lazy, and too spoiled to start back on the bottom rung. And I came late to the fashion game, I suppose. Instead of studying design at Parsons, I studied English locally. Twice. What the hell? Apparently I don’t learn from my mistakes.

So, this is a vain attempt to put my two cents out there. To pontificate on all subjects that interest me, particularly fashion, and perhaps give myself the kick I need to write something more than headlines for an internal company site. So there. The seed has been sown. It’s too late to turn back now.